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Our delivery programme for tunneling comprises: Delivery of second-hand and overhauled track systems during the construction of tunneling equipments. Furthermore we offer tracks with required sleepers in different constructions.

We can also deliver switches in corresponding variations and geometries.

California switches can be delivered in every variation. We use second-hand, sorted and operational material to hold the costs for the building site as low as possible. As required or if we have not enough second-hand material available we can also deliver new material combined with second-hand or only new material.

At the end of the building site we rebuy the delivered material. Pipe and walkway brackets in every version.

  • Different steel constructions
  • It depends on availability if we can offer second-hand, overhauled belt conveyors for sorting and insert of material.

Ur product line – Europlast – offers an alternative solution with a combination of plastic with steel for rail track sleepers and pipe brackets.

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